George Bush Buttplug Wars?

Bush Butt Plug Wars?


Wow. I can’t believe this. I never expected to need to hire a lawyer to defend The Bushplug! I mean, I know that the real George W. doesn’t flinch at breaking the law or stealing things that aren’t his (like oil and the bill of rights), but I never thought I would need to defend the Bushplug against imitators! Well, the day has come when I have to admit my mistake. A TerrorSuspect reader (Thanks Jim!) has just sent me the link below and it looks like The Bushplug is no longer the only likeness of the President to be specially designed for shoving up one’s ass!!!
I know, I can hardly believe it….I had no idea there was that much demand for the decider to be the anal invader! Have a look….I think this might be war! There may not be room in this world for The Bushplug and George W. Tush! There are only so many assholes available!!!

This is the Original Bushplug we introduced last year in September

Below is the George W. Tush which came considerably later

I’m not real sure what to do about this. I need to talk with the lawyers.


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4 thoughts on “George Bush Buttplug Wars?”

  1. Bwaahahahahahahah! Thanks for the much needed laugh. From now on, he will always be George W. Tush to me.

  2. Oh, and give ’em hell for infringement. Yours is much more dignified, if that’s possible. (I don’t doubt the dignity because it’s a buttplug. Rather, I doubt it because of Dubya’s lack of dignity)

  3. I don’t see why lawyers need to get involved. This is not a copyrightable product.
    The designs are different. There should be a 100 different versions on the market.

  4. Thank you soooooo much! This is the funniest thing ever. If there is any part of the Bush that is human(he still has to breath oxygen) or has any sense of dignity, these WADS or weapon’s of ass destruction shred any illusionary vestige of a semblance of self worth for George W. Tushy! Must really burn his asshole. Thank you both of you creathing the ultimate anti-bobble heads. What’s next? Paris Hilton pussy pockets?

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